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Pope Planning is a private company that handles the management and marketing of e-commerce sites.
We do not limit ourselves simply to the marketing of products, but also are dedicated to creating strategies that improve the power and value of each brand.
If you are in charge of a brand and interested in starting an e-commerce site, but are worried about a lack of experience or knowhow, please contact us for a consultation.

BREE logo BREE logo BREE Official Online-Shop(2008〜)
BREE is a long-standing German brand which has been making classic leather products for over 40 years. BREE first cultivated an iconic reputation for producing natural cowhide leather bags and wallets, and has since maintained a product known for its quality of material, and innovative but universal designs.
Shudy logo Shudy logo Shudy Official Online-Shop(2010〜2012)
Shudy is a line of rubber shoes from Italy. Italian design sense combines with the speciality knowledge of engineers to create a driving shoe that is comfortable and flexible, but also refined and stylish.。
cocoaleaf logo cocoaleaf logo cocoaleaf Online-Shop(2011〜2012)
cocoaleaf opened in Harajuku in 2005 as a speciality store selling select brand name goods. Its high-quality products, intended to invoke a European lifestyle, are selected with the concepts of “Natural,” “Relaxing,” and “Authentic” in mind.