Privacy Policy

About Our Basic Policy for Protecting Your Personal Information

With the social demand for personal information increasing, we recognize that all personal information should be handled cautiously and appropriately under the philosophy of respecting the personalities of individuals, and believe it is our company responsibility to insure the appropriate handling and safe management of this information. Any personal information of various client companies, media agencies, or subcontractors collected by Pope Planning, as well as any personal information of employees at our company or affiliates, will be appropriately handled according to our company policy.

The Types of Personal Information We Handle

The following are some examples of personal information we handle:

  • Personal information entrusted to us by advertising clients, media agencies, and subcontractors
  • Personal information obtained from campaign or questionnaire surveys
  • Personal information obtained from members of websites we manage and operate
  • Personal information obtained through other company business activities
  • Personal information obtained from employees at our company or associated companies

Our Basic Policy Regarding Personal Information

In addition to handling personal information, we also clearly abide by the following basic principles:

  • We collect, use, and provide to third parties personal information only with the person's consent
  • If we are entrusted with personal information when managing services, we will appoint an appropriate supervisor to the designated account
  • The safekeeping, return, erasure, and disposal of any personal information will be thoroughly in line with our company rules, and this safe and appropriate handling, and the power of internal audits, will be ensured by the supervisor of personal information
  • We will eliminate the risk of unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, or disclosure of personal information through an operationally and technologically effective safety management system
  • We will ensure our employees understand the importance of personal information- including any changes in laws, improvements in company rules, or measures taken against violations- and will regularly update our employee training in response to social changes so that our safety management system is as thorough as possible
  • We will observe all laws and company rules regarding personal information